Aitken Spence Hotels reopens Heritance Tea Factory on 1 October

Sri Lanka’s premier hospitality group, Aitken Spence Hotels welcomed back guests on 1 October to its unique hillside property Heritance Tea Factory, the only one of its kind in Nuwara Eliya.

Promising panoramas from the highest elevation in Sri Lanka, Heritance Tea Factory is a hillside sanctuary that guests can escape to break away from the mundane. The hallmark concept of a 19th century tea factory converted to a unique resort is reflected throughout the stay with the quaint décor and cosy ambience.

Known as ‘Little England’ for the serene vistas and colonial-style town that resonates the British era, the highlands boast of tantalising views of vast tea plantations enveloped with textured mountains. The crisp air and the cool climes make for a tranquil space to boost creativity whilst sipping on Ceylon brew.

Apart from working at the comfort of the lush countryside, at Heritance Tea Factory guests can explore the renowned heritage and tea culture of the destination. The myriad of experiences does not stop there; guests can choose among signature dining choices including a distinctive tea bar, traditional high-tea and fine dining in a train carriage. For those with a penchant to explore, the resort’s unique tea-based excursions would be an ideal treat to discover while unwinding. Choose from tea plucking, tea factory tours and tea tasting, taking a picturesque trek to take in the fresh air or a tour around the village to embrace the locality and culture.

The most anticipated resort reopening is complemented with a special offering as part of the ‘Holidays Inspired by You’ campaign. The resort joins the portfolio of Aitken Spence Hotels across Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and Oman (already in operations with gradual openings starting 17 July 2020) with its detailed heightened safety and hygienic practices under its SpenceSafe guidelines, incorporating both national and international guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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