Extension sought for banking and finance relief to tourism

Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga has requested the Government to extend banking and finance sector relief granted to the tourism sector till 31 December as opposed to ending it on 31 March, as previously planned.

He revealed this during a meeting with tourism industry stakeholders on Friday to inform them of steps taken to launch an integrated global communication campaign to boost tourism.

According to a statement, Minister Ranatunga had pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic had impacted the tourism sector the most, and further support was needed, though the borders were reopened to resume international tourism from end-January.

He said granting of further concessionary working capital had been requested.

The Central Bank has already extended the debt moratorium on the tourism sector till end-2021.

Minister Ranatunga said that travel restrictions continue in four major tourist generation markets: UK, Germany, China and India, and this has impacted the industry prospects further.

Since the re-opening of borders, over 5,000 tourists, mainly from Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia, as well as the Middle East have arrived, he added http://www.ft.lk/front-page/Extension-sought-for-banking-and-finance-relief-to-tourism-says-Prasanna/44-714398