Healthy water drinking guide for travelers

One of the most important challenges when preparing for a trip is safe drinking water. If it is a long hyking trip, it is especially important to calculate the required amount of water in advance, taking traveling conditions into account. Of course, if your route leads through settlements, you can buy bottled water there. However, because of the global problem of plastics, we will concentrate on the ways to get suitable for drinking water as well as to stay eco-friendly.

Filtered water bottles
Taking a filtered water bottle with you on a trip will solve the water problem, as it makes water from any source suitable for drinking. Of course, water may not be as clean as that filtered with the Reverse Osmosis System but possibly cleaner than bottled water. Still, the fact that a filtered water bottle takes up little space in your backpack is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, it is not necessary to carry a heavy backpack. On the other hand, it becomes difficult to get water supplies. It could be a problem, especially knowing that there will not be another source of water on the route soon.

Water purification tablets
Such tablets are designed to purify water from unwanted impurities, bacteria, parasites and chemicals. Travelers often like to use water purification tablets because they fit in pocket. This means it doesn’t take up much space and is lightweight. Furthermore, no additional purifying equipment is needed. For the same reason, they are easy to both forget and lose. Their ease of use could also be mentioned as an advantage. The water will be ready for use instantly but the taste of the water will not be necessarily delightful.

Boiling water
If you are leaving for more than two days, a convenient solution is boiling water. This means that in this case you can use tap water or water you find in nature to heat it and thus prepare it for use. Boiling water destroys 99% of harmful water impurities, bacteria and viruses. However, this method takes quite a while (until water boils and then cools) and also adds extra weight to the backpack as you will need to carry a kettle or a pot to boil the water. In addition, every time you run out of water, you will need to take care of the fire source.

Prepare water supplies in advance
You can prepare your water supplies at home before leaving. Then you will no longer have to think about it during the trip. In this case, you will need a water filter at home to ensure quality and safety of water. If you still do not have one, choosing the best water filtration system might be quite a demanding task. You should choose reputable source that writes about drinking water and water filtration to find the best system that meets your expectations and available budget. Such a system will be durable and useful not only for your trips but also for daily use at home.

Also, we recommend calculating how much daily water do you ready need: