POLITICAL STABILITY: A new President, prime minister and key cabinet members have been appointed and are working collectively to address key issues in the country.


PROTESTS / SAFETY: The main protest site has been vacated after the change in government. There has never been a risk to a tourist.

RESORT OPERATIONS: All resorts in Sri Lanka are operating normally. While the general power supply has 1-hour disruptions daily, hotels have preferential access to fuel to power generators and will provide you with uninterrupted power.

TRANSPORT AND FUEL: A new fuel distribution system with QR codes and weekly allotments for citizens across the country has been implemented, and fuel is now being distributed systematically without long queues. Hotels and DMCs also have priority access to fuel, and your transport across the country will not be affected.

RESOURCES FOR CITIZENS: Traveling to Sri Lanka will not deprive citizens of resources as indicated in certain media sources. Every dollar spent in Sri Lanka will strengthen the economy, and the tourism sector will play a pivotal role in the country’s economic revival. Close to 1 million people are directly employed, and 2.5 million are indirectly affected by the industry.

SERVICES RESUMPTION: Government offices are now fully functional as well as the local schools, public transport including trains are operating in full force.

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