Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary : Sri Lanka is one of the most sought out tourist destination in the Asian subcontinent mainly for its diverse climates throughout the year. One could choose to be somewhere during the 12 months since every square meter of the Island affords some sort of intrigue for a traveller. The Kalametiya fishing village along the south east coast of this paradise isle is one such haunt of nature lovers. Here is the sanctuary for birds both exotic and migrant kinds. Although the area was preserved as a bird sanctuary since late 1930s man’s invasion disrupted the quiet and serene ambience for a period until it was once again officially restored to the ‘wild life preservation’ status in 1984. Hence, the tourist influx to this region regained with enthusiastic bird watchers.

Etymologically the name suggests in local dialect as the pot making clay, but the sanctuary takes pre-eminence as a haven for birds and other wild species. The tourist industry of Sri Lanka aptly supported by the government makes sure that Kalametiya continues to be synonymous with many species of birds and takes much effort for its preservation whilst encouraging many tourists. The location hereof is between Tangalle, known for its thriving fishing port and Hambantota which is developed to a city status due to the efforts of the Government, in the Southern coastal belt. To be precise, it is a matter of minutes from the village called Hunugama. Hunu means lime which is not the main attraction though.

To get the best of the Bird Sanctuary there a few newly built lodges of which directions and details could be obtained from the Tourist board or online. Lagoons too are around this sanctuary hosting water-life and since it is very close to the sea one could avail the luxury of viewing marine life as well in addition to the birds. Sea waders and the likes among the bird species visit often due to the dual environ of nature. An expedition based visit will be a thrill for children as well making it a family leisure and not merely for adults.

To Reach Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary: If landing by air transport, the Mattala Airport would be the nearest convenience. Or else, Hambantota is only 30 minutes away. Further, the historically renowned Yala national park could be accessed from here within an hour for a stay overnight and capturing bigger animals in their natural habitat. Those on a longer tour could include a visit Kalametiya even form the hills. Finally, a purposeful visit to the sanctuary of the flying creatures will be a life time experience if focused on their intriguing movements patiently.