Maldives records highest arrivals from Emirates since border reopening

Emirates Airline has carried the highest number of passengers to Maldives since border reopening.

Statistics publicized by the Ministry of Tourism reveal that a total of 13,379 arrivals were through Emirates Airline.

Maldives reopened borders for international travel on July 15 after a little over three months since the government stopped issuing on-arrival visas on March 27 and from the day of border reopening to October 18, Emirates has conducted 162 trips to the island nation.

Qatar Airways comes second with 192 flight movements and 13,250 passengers. The airline has recorded the greatest number of movements since border reopening.

Other scheduled international flights operating to Maldives include:
Aeroflot with 3,961 arrivals and 24 flight movements
Air India with 903 arrivals and 16 flight movements
British Airways with 127 arrivals and two flight movements
Edelweiss with 142 arrivals and four flight movements
Etihad Airways with 886 arrivals and 72 flight movements
Indigo with 2,551 arrivals and 50 flight movements
Spicejet with 274 arrivals and 32 flight movements
Sri Lankan Airways 1,786 arrivals and 134 flight movements
Turkish Airlines with 2,160 arrivals and 108 flight movements
Maldives flag carrier Maldivian has also operated 62 flights to and from the island nation, carrying 2,152 passengers in total.

All of the airlines operating to the island nation resumed operations on different dates and has altering flight frequencies. A total of 11 airlines have resumed operations to Maldives.

In total, Maldives has recorded 41,571 arrivals out of which 31,801 are tourists as at October 21, as well as 958 flight movements.

Statistics go on to reveal that the top source market for tourism is Russia with 6,026 arrivals. Russia is followed by the United Arab Emirates with 3,377 arrivals and the United States of America with 2,795. Other top source markets include the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Ukraine, Brazil and India.

During July, Maldives recorded 1,752 tourist arrivals with a daily average of 117 arrivals. The following month, 7,628 tourists arrived which is a -94.5 percent growth.

From the beginning of October until the 21st, a total of 12,934 tourists have arrived in the island nation.

The country observed 382,760 tourists arrivals until March 27, when the border was closed. Statistics from January to September show 401,714 tourist arrivals.

Statistics go on to reveal that Maldives recorded a total of 414,648 tourist arrivals from January 1 to October 21.

The increase in flight frequencies and tourist arrivals signal optimism in recovering from the Covid-19 situation. As such, it was recently revealed that Emirates is set to increase flight frequency, to ten weekly flights from October 25. Emirates currently operates seven weekly flights from Dubai, UAE.

Along with measures and policies designed to ensure the safety of tourists, the government believes Maldives is ready to re-start tourism and welcome tourists.

Maldives responded to the escalating situation of Covid-19 by shutting down borders following which the country’s tourism industry was at a complete standstill for over three months. The government has been implementing numerous measures against the virus since. Source

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