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Maldivian Tours

Maldives is towards south west of Sri Lanka and so the easiest approach would be to land at the Colombo International Airport as a transit. The atolls or islets that make this small nation is a fascination since, they are surrounded by the vast Indian ocean pure and elegantly azure. There 1, 200 of these small landmasses that bewitches the visitors. But only 200 of them have people inhabiting (almost 250, 000 locals). Some can be walked across to through the seawater that is so shallow. Despite the smallness of the area of the buildable land, there are many hotels and chalets for holiday making. AT the Male Airport, the reception is kind and warm so as to make revisits will be the immediate impulse for a first time tourist.


Maldivian Tours :Tourist attractions are mainly, diving, snorkeling, ornamental fish adventure and coral reef sighting. The islets do not rise above 7.8 feet from the sea level. These apart from the windy open sea and sun basking have kept travelers for all parts of the world flying in. The weather is a typical tropic patters but never so threatening. There are concerns about the sea swelling around due to melting of the Arctic but nothing so disastrous as yet as expected. Strong winds do appear occasionally but it is welcome nevertheless.


Trade also has wooed many business tourists and recently many Chinese business have frequented Maldives for this purpose for a mutual transactions. The country is well known for its Maldive-Fish, a luxury to the pallet. Coconut palms and other vegetation also provide shade and cover for the visitors in the white sand spread.. Expatriate professionals such as teachers, IT cadre and other expertise as well reside on contractual basis. Schools and many business emporiums are to be found.

Being an Islamic nation, one can see its influence on the culture and lifestyle of the locals but tourism and presence of other nationalities especially in the workforce and expatriate communities, are not hampered.


Sri Lanka being the closest country has a buoyant relationship and Maldives gets much assistance form the former even its internal affairs. Hotels have sprung up put up by many Sri Lankan mega chain hotels and the building and construction Companies also have their footprint in this nation. Locally, boat building is a thriving industry apart fishing and other domestic industries. Festive days such as the Ramadan, invite many holiday makers mainly for shopping. Carved and crafted souvenirs, mats, flower vases etc are some of the tourists’ delights.


Romantic tours such as honeymoons and getaways for couples, see the islets being the ideal destination and the flux is on the increase. For all the excursions, Sri Lanka becomes the entry point and therefore Tour agencies in Sri Lanka always include Maldives Tour as one of the segments for those who would look for extended adventure.