Sri Lanka’s first ever tourism industry-focused jobs site debuts

  • ‘Love Sri Lanka Jobs’ portal is a key initiative by Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance 

Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance has announced the launch of the first ever jobs site dedicated to Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

The ‘Love Sri Lanka Jobs’ portal which can be accessed via already hosts a number of jobs from some of Sri Lanka’s leading tourism companies. With a major exodus of staff leaving the industry in Sri Lanka to go abroad, many tourism providers are desperately seeking new staff.

“The Love Sri Lanka Jobs site created by the Tourism Alliance has been in development for the past year and we’ve ensured it meets industry needs. It’s encouraging to see tourism picking up again, and we thought now would be the perfect time to introduce this new tool to the industry, so those looking for new staff for their tourism businesses have a better chance at recruiting the best talent that’s out there,” Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance Co-Chair Malik Fernando said.

“The Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance was created by a group of industry leaders with the goal of making the industry resilient, sustainable, innovative and collaborative. The last couple of years have been challenging due to the pandemic however there are good signs that tourism is picking up once again in Sri Lanka in 2022. We as an industry body are keen to support sustainable growth within the industry and we believe that Love Sri Lanka Jobs will provide the necessary platform for both employers and job seekers in tourism to meet their needs in an efficient way,” added Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance Co-Chair Shiromal Cooray. The Love Sri Lanka Jobs portal has been designed by industry, for industry and Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance intends for it to become the go-to jobs site for tourism business owners and job seekers. Designed by industry experts, with the end-user in mind, it is simple and easy to use. Jobs can be posted in all three main languages – Sinhala, Tamil and English – across all categories and segments in tourism including Front Office, F&B, Tour Guides and Naturalists to more head office focused roles including Marketing and Sales, Operations, Purchasing and Finance and more.  Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance business members can post their jobs on the site free of charge during the introductory period. Tourism industry operators across the spectrum from major brands to small and micro tourism businesses are encouraged to use the site, to make the employment process easier and to find the right staff for the tourism business.

The new jobs site also includes a number of helpful videos and other collateral, under the ‘Skills Centre,’ that have been specifically developed to encourage much needed new entrants into the industry. The ‘Career Pathways’ videos, for instance, have been created to provide inspiration to those considering a career in tourism. The Skills Centre also provides useful information on tourism related courses and workshops and other skills-based information.

Sri Lanka’s Tourism Industry experienced strong growth before the onset of the pandemic and the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance is confident the country can look forward to similar conditions, if all work together to strengthen Sri Lanka’s tourism industry. Love Sri Lanka Jobs is the latest initiative by Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance, to support the sustainable development of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

It is encouraging all tourism industry partners to visit for all job and employment needs. Business members of Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance can currently post their jobs free of charge. Others can become members of Tourism Alliance free of charge online at