SriLankan Airlines completes a post COVID-19 traveler sentiment survey

SriLankan Airlines recently carried out a survey amongst its FlySmiLes loyalty membership to capture how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their perceptions and sentiments on travel. This included top tiers of Platinum, Gold, Classic & Silver tier co-branded credit card holders.
The survey collated feedback from over 5,500 passengers within a period of 3 weeks.    Over 53% were Silver Tier members with nearly 39% of all participants being Classic Tier members.
The geographical spread of the survey respondents consisted of Sri Lanka (42.3%), South Asia (22%), Europe (20%), South Pacific (4.5%), Maldives (4%), North America (3.2%), Far East (2%) & Japan & Korea (0.9%).

It is encouraging news for SriLankan Airlines and the travel trade in Sri Lanka to note that 75% of travelers are optimistic of commencing travel within 03 months post pandemic after the government restrictions on COVID-19 travel are lifted.  The majority of passengers stated they would be reassured if social distancing was enforced whilst travelling.
The National Carrier’s priority is the safety of their passengers and employees.  A range of additional measures has been enforced to offer COVID-19 preventive services at the airport and on-board SriLankan flights.  These practices include thorough cleaning practices at ticket offices, check-in, boarding gates and on-board.  Social distancing is followed wherever possible, and masks are to be worn.

The airline carries out health questionnaires before a passenger checks – in and temperature checks are done with the help of the Airport & Aviation Authorities of Sri Lanka.  All staff attending to passengers will be geared with face masks, gloves, protective apron and face shield.

SriLankan Airlines Cabin Crew have been trained to provide high levels of service, whilst minimizing contact to reduce the spread of the virus. Flights have been segregated as high, medium, and low risk based on the end destination and necessary personal protective equipment is provided to the crew dependent on risk category.
Every crew member goes through a quarantine period of 07 days with PCR tests carried out post operating repatriation flights or when they have an overseas layover more than 48 hours. On flights operating with layovers the crew will be accommodated in a SriLankan Airlines approved hotel and will remain in their rooms, limiting social interactions.
Face masks are mandatory for the duration of a flight.  Meals are hygienically prepared and packed keeping to stringent safety requirements.
There is also a quarantine zone and a demarcated toilet dedicated for any passenger who may feel unwell and such passengers will be taken care of by the local health authorities on arrival.
To know more on which preventive measures are taken by SriLankan Airlines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on-board of its flights, visit

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